UnPlastic: non-plastics made from beer. Reducing waste and preventing microplastics!

Wie Outlander Materials
Jaar 2019
Categorie Halvering afvalberg door circulair

We are turning the waste from beer brewing into UnPlastic; a transparent, compostable, totally plastic free alternative to single use plastics. Reduce waste locally and help keep Rotterdam clean and healthy by using UnPlastic. Beer can save the world, and it can happen with UnPlastic!

Daarom goed en innovatief voor rotterdam.

Rotterdam Breweries with Rotterdam Resutls
We will work with local breweries to upcylcle their beer waste and turn in tnto UnPlastic. A plastic-free "plastic" that can replace some current single use plastics that are ending up in the Maas. UnPlastic and Rotterdam producers can team up to make circular plastic-free & waste-free products.

meer weten.

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Lori Goff