SavFood - a food waste revolution. Making innovative products from food waste

SavFood is a social enterprise working to fight food waste, our aim is to reduce the amount of food wasted, and make innovative products out of excess produce and residual flows from food processing. We are two driven entrepreneurs who bring with them years of experience and tested products.

SavFood is working on innovative products made from food waste and residual flows of fresh produce such as potatoes, vegetables and fruits. We intend to be a completely circular, ethical and sustainable business. Our aim is to give consumers healthy food choices while helping the environment.

Daarom goed en innovatief voor rotterdam.

Our idea is to work with local businesses in Rotterdam and understand from them how to help in the reduction of food waste. Rotterdam is the food capital of Europe and a lot of food movements mean a lot of food waste. We intend to work with all kinds of food businesses working with fresh produce.
High shelf life, wide range and variety is our USP. We can make anything from food waste. From spice mixes to smoothie powders that will really help the local Rotterdam economy. Innovative coating, nutritional and fiber supplements from potential waste from potatoes and bread are a few examples.
We firmly believe that the only economy that will survive in the coming years will be circular economy. Our business model fits in perfectly with the concept as we strive to reduce waste, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and offer new products that can be consumed


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