SavFood - fighting food waste. Potato peel solutions

Startbudget toegekend € 24976,-
SavFood is based in Rotterdam and aims to be the leading social enterprise offering new and innovative solutions to food residual streams that are currently used sub-optimally in order to tackle the problem of waste problem

At SavFood, we tackle the problem of food waste emerging from residual flows (processing industry) by coming up with new, innovative, and high value products. We aim to positively impact employment in ‘new economy’ & reduce CO2 emissions. In the first phase, we work on potato peels residual flows.

Daarom goed en innovatief voor rotterdam.

Potato peels residual flows is a large side stream emerging from the processing of potatoes. Our idea is to work with local businesses in Rotterdam to help in the reduction of this stream. This helps Rotterdam meet the objective of solid waste reduction (currently only 22% of all solid waste produced is recycled)
By coming up with new and innovative products from side streams and residual flows, we contribute to Rotterdam's objective of cutting down primary resource use by 50% by 2030.
We firmly believe that the only economy that will survive in the coming years will be a circular one. Our business model fits in perfectly with the concept as we strive to reduce waste, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and offer new products that can be consumed. This is also in line with the new economy vision of Rotterdam
New economy employment is a major goal for the city of Rotterdam. By establishing our business and expanding it, we aim to create employment across the city
In order to create more value and retain value within the city of Rotterdam, we aim to work with local buyers and suppliers. Our residual flow supplier is also based in Rotterdam and through our first project, we want to create a real impact in the city


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