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Multiform is an innovative tool to challenge the issue of inclusivity in our 21st century, diverse society. Multiform proposes games in the context of the sport class at school to teach openness and empathy, which will then filter into wider society.


Rotterdam is a richly diverse place, diversity can be defined along different dimensions of race, sexual orientation, gender and class. In these diverse societies it is often when social exclusion is at its worst, innovation is needed to dissect and tackle these issues of exclusion. In response to that, Multiform offers innovation for the teaching of inclusivity and discussion about diversity within education to provoke changes in social behaviour. It is a new approach, which takes on an ‘active’ method, which uses the context of the sports class to activate awareness. The Multiform kit will be composed with a playbook with different games and transformable uniforms, that will play with the potential of clothes in giving and changing roles within the group and teams. Multiform will help students to understand the feelings of the ‘other’, and how this manifests itself within diversity. The use of Multiform will teach openness and empathy, which will then filter into wider society.

Sociale relevantie

Multiform and the empathy it teaches to the students will begin to change their behaviour and mind-set, positively impacting the community of Rotterdam and its inhabitants as it filters through society.


For Multiform project, I will use an innovative approach to design, by implementing the participatory design method and engaging with professionals from other fields as education, sociology, sport and psychology. I want to involve the students who Multiform will be designed for within the design process, implementing participatory design methodology, so the development of the project will be inclusive in itself too.

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Gabriel Fontana
Gabriel Fontana
Gabriel Fontana