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Andres is the founder of Buildup Camp, he is passionate about technology and education and is on a mission to help 1 million founders launch their startups.

Buildup Camp is an educational initiative that educates early stage entrepreneurs that want to start their business but don't know how, with courses and workshops in a Bootcamp format, without having to sacrifice a lot of time or their careers. We have ran successful programs with over 50+ founders.

Daarom goed en innovatief voor rotterdam.

Most incubators and accelerators are focused in scouting the right talent, at the right time, with the right idea. We believe everyone should have a fair chance to building something they are passionate about. We focus on educating the entrepreneurs so they get the right skills to be sccuseful.
In Rotterdam, there have been educational programs from other organisations, but these programs have failed to support Startups to a stage in which they can run by themselves, we have developed a comprehensive yet flexible program with other partners, for everyone to get started and thrive.
The Buildup Camp team is formed by individuals commited to tech and Innovation. The lead of the projects teaches Entrepreneurhsip for the Masters at the Rotterdam Applied Sciences University, the second lead works with Innovation projects in ING labs, we have the experience and knowledge to execute.

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