HopstaGo, a Go-to-Market Accelerator.

Startbudget toegekend € 35000,-

HopstaGo is a Go-To-Market Accelerator program for New Innovative and Impactful products from Rotterdam. The Accelerator program is funded through “pay it forward” financial model, supporting new Innovative Products to make a Global Impact.

Wie Oak & Mie B.V.
Jaar 2018
Categorie Rotterdam economisch vooruit


HopstaGo offers curated New Innovative and Impactful products from Rotterdam a Go-To-Market Accelerator program that’s funded through a "pay it forward" financial model.

Phase 1 of HopstaGo will curate products that are suited for reward-based crowdfunding, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The HopsaGo Accelerator Phase 1, has five stages:
1) Global market readiness
2) Pre-campaign
3) Campaign
4) Post-campaign
5) Campaign fulfillment

The “pay it forward” financial model enables stages 1-3 after which companies are invoiced and contribute a percentage as a thank you, enabling the next product to enter the Accelerator.

This way Rotterdam companies can launch their innovation, giving it the best possible chance to succeed on a Global market.

We have 4 curated New Innovative Products, from Rotterdam businesses, with more eager to join.

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New Innovative/Impactful developed products (first from companies based in Rotterdam) will be “global market ready”, launch the best possible campaign, leading to a successful future, driving economic growth.

Innovations from Rotterdam will make Global impact.

The City of Rotterdam will be attracting also other (inter)national companies to come to Rotterdam as it will be the "gateway" to take their Innovative/Impactful products to market, allowing our regional economy to grow even more.


Our plan is innovative and new in multiple ways:
- It will be the very first Go-To-Market Accelerator of its kind
- It is therefore also new to Rotterdam
- The “pay it forward” financial model has not been applied in this way
- Every product within the Accelerator program is also new and innovative in its own right
- It’s focussed and specialized on the first phase of the “diffusion of innovation life cycle” with the aim to bridge the chasm or so called “valley of death”

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Annemie Fourie
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