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Designing a smart machine from where customers can customize their fresh salad from more than 20 ingredients within a minute. Due to this customization, this machine could potentially reduce the wastage of the ingredients by only serving the exact amount of ingredients based on customer choices.

Daarom goed en innovatief voor rotterdam.

The uniqueness of our proposed smart machine is the flexibility of the machine which allows customers to order their salad meals on a daily basis based on their own preferences, either in the selection of ingredients, size selection of the meals as they want, or dressing.
Machine significantly reduce the amount of food wastage because the ingredients used will be only based on customer preferences. This will be highly beneficial not only for the companies in the food industry but also for the environment, since 30% to 40% of the food in the restaurants is wastage.
Machine which allows culinary businesses, especially in Rotterdam, to serve the salad meals to their customers in significantly less time than ever before. No more plastic packaging be used for the salad, People can bring their own lunch boxes for the fresh salad. More healteir food than before.

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