Actie in De Groene Connectie.

Startbudget toegekend € 29500,-

We’re experimenting with innovative ways to co-create and plan public space with citizens. That’s about exploring, playing and taking action together in De Groene Connectie through arts like theater, photography, music, storytelling and dance.


Our aim is to stimulate co-created action in De Groene Connectie, the 8-km ribbon linking 20 social and welfare organisations in Delfshaven. With arts experts and our on-the-ground partners, we work with committed residents, entrepreneurs & non-profit groups through Participatory Arts. Those are arts that anyone – even those without experience – can do. The outcome will be the development of citizen-led initiatives and concrete interventions that support the social, economic and spatial development of Delfshaven and serve as a kickstart for further step-by-step inclusive action. The project is also a laboratory for development of innovative culture-fueled participatory methodologies that engage new people, including hard-to-reach groups, in the planning of our public spaces. That's why Actie in De Groene Connectie culminates in a working congress, focused on sharing methods and developing an expanded coalition of partners to jointly chart a way forward for sustainable action.

Sociale relevantie

Delfshaven is a microcosm of the diversity and and dynamism that defines Rotterdam. As the city increasingly turns to citizens for solutions, it's urgent to develop made-in-Rotterdam approaches to inclusive planning. Our culture-fueled process gives a voice to Rotterdammers to act and attach value & social meaning to their environment. The result is not only action in Delfshaven, but new inclusive participatory methods that expand and accelerate the power of local initiatives.


Through a crossover between culture and planning, we're pioneering new methods of engaging citizens and co-creating. Our process is driven by Participatory Arts, which have a unique power to engage people, and on all levels: intellectual, emotional & physical. By exploring space, generating ideas and communicating through arts, we stimulate citizen-led initiatives and define a new role for culture: as a force for inclusive urban renewal and co-creation of public space.

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