The Official Opening of Culture Campsite.

The Sleeping Phenomenon of Rotterdam will open its doors officially on 19 April between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Lets celebrate! Get a taste of Culture Campsite with food and drinks.

Culture Campsite is a Sleeping Phenomenon with small scale architectural objects located in historic Delfshaven in Rotterdam. You'll be able to admire and/or sleep in an architectural object between fragrant plants in less than ten minutes from the city centre of Rotterdam and a stone's throw from the river the Maas. The sleeping objects are smaller than a tiny house, more exciting than a tent and different from all glamping accommodations. Culture Campsite is an unique experience, a dialogue between visitor, art, architecture and sustainability in the middle of Rotterdam.

The architectural sleeping objects are made from residual flows or made from a sustainability and environmental perspective. Therefore each sleeping unit has its own character. They are suitable for two to four people who want to gain an unique sleeping experience. The objects are all different creations designed by various artists, designers and architects. Including among others; Rob Sweere, ROFFAA, BEDBUG, Sander Borsje, Studio Made By and MUD projects.

In a world that is LIQUID, boundaries are a thing of the past. That is also how nature works. Nature does not stop when it encounters a suburb, but penetrates it. Urban roofforester and city anthropologist Renée Miles and the ever-curious tree climber and city ecologist Marvin Groen will take you on a not-so-ordinary-tour as part of Motel Mozaique Festival! Discover uninhabited islands among the gray harbor sheds, imagine yourself as a city nomad at Culture Campsite and wander on inhabited roofs.

�� Friday 19 April 13.00-15.00: guided tour*
�� Friday 19 April 16.00-19.00: opening Culture Campsite*
�� Saturday 20 April 11.00-13.00: guided tour*

* All activities are free of charge. Sign up for the tour via the link;