HD Weather and Storm surveillance on your doorstep .

Startbudget toegekend € 84000,-

Our plan is to offer Rotterdam high resolution (street level) weather surveillance products that helps citizens and local companies becoming more resilient to storm and weather disruptive events.

Wie SkyEcho
Jaar 2017
Categorie Een duurzame en bereikbare stad


Who never got caught in heavy but short lasting rainfall while just going outside? Whether it is for business or leisure, harsh weather can be quite a burden and is more and more affecting activities in urban areas although there are currently no reliable ways of monitoring it at street level.
• We want to: 1) use our cutting-edge software technology on the available weather system in Rotterdam to extract for the first time new reliable weather surveillance information at street level; 2) create an app that integrate these new information and cleverly reach out end-user’s needs.
• Who Benefits? 1) every citizen via basic free HD weather app; 2) customers and businesses in needs of water disruptive solutions via paid features.
• Budget is required to create the first basic surveillance system (weather software and urban weather app).
• Support: this project is supported by the water department of the city of Rotterdam that is in strong need of better HD weather information

Sociale relevantie

In our latitude, the future climate predictions point towards a more frequent occurrence of severe rainstorms. Most rainstorms are very local and short. In Rotterdam, with dense urbanisation and infrastructure (port, airport, …), this shall lead to more frequent local disruptions such as street flooding or snowy roads that will impact logistic activities. Our weather surveillance system will provide unique HD information that will allow quicker and more targeted adaption measures in the city.


In September 2015, Rotterdam was the first city in Europe to be equipped with an advanced radar system capable of mapping rainfall around the city with an unprecedented resolution of 100x100m and accuracy. The radar incorporates high-end features that, if properly used, improve the development potential with new and unique HD weather information. With this system, Rotterdam could become the first city in Europe making a big step towards urban weather resiliency.

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Yann Dufournet
Yann Dufournet
Yann Dufournet